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Peyote Drug


Some Native American tribes believe the plant has medicinal benefits in addition to its hallucinogenic use. They use peyote to treat toothaches, labor pains, fevers, breast pain, skin illnesses, rheumatism, diabetes, colds, and blindness, among other things.


Peyote is a tiny cactus that grows in the desert. The disc-shaped buttons on the cactus crown are taken off the plant, split, and dried. It is possible to gnaw on the dried buttons. Alternatively, the buttons can be soaked in water and the liquid obtained can be utilized as medicine.

Peyote is used to treat fevers, joint discomfort (rheumatism), and paralysis, despite major safety concerns.

Peyote is used to cure fractures, wounds, and snakebites on the skin.

Because it can create hallucinations, peyote is sometimes used as a recreational drug. It contains a substance known as mescaline, which has effects comparable to LSD but is less potent.

Possession of peyote is banned in the United Stat


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